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About us

Tube-Evac was invented by the husband of a breast cancer patient. A utility patent was granted to the Tube-Evac device in August 2012, and now have patents pending in several countries outside the U.S.

How It Works

Doctors and nurses clear drains all the time, however, patients normally need drains once in a lifetime and are fearful of clearing drains coming out of their body. The Tube-Evac device makes it much easier for the patient, who is already very apprehensive about clearing drains, to clear them.
The Tube-Evac device is for single patient use only and is to be discarded after patient drains are removed. The intent is to have the Tube-Evac device sent home with the patient after surgery.
Place the tubing in the groove of the Tube-Evac device 1 to 2 inches
from where the surgical tubing exits the skin.
With your other hand, hold the tubing firm between the skin
and the Tube-Evac device.
Firmly squeeze the Tube-Evac device and pull it towards the collection bulb.
Advance other hand as necessary to hold the tubing.
We are proud to offer Tube-Evac through the Lighthouse for the Blind Industries store,
with a portion of the proceeds, from the sales of this medical device,
going to support Lighthouse for the Blind and Breast Cancer Research.
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Frequently Asked Questions by Patients, Caregivers, Nurses, Doctors, and Hospitals.

Click here to see all the FAQs or to download a PDF version.


In 2012, Tube-Evac won the Inpex Awards’ Gold Medal in recognition of Innovative Excellence in the Medical Category. It’s also been named an International Award Winner.

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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with you questions and/or comments.

For questions regarding orders:
Call Todd from Alamo Scientific Inc at 210-543-1300

If your are in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, or Hawaii contact: Call CoMedical at 206-524-7424


    (352) 257-8586